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Who am I?

My name is Zdenka Ambrožová and I am a certified therapist of The RUŠ Method and an experienced manager and BA (Hons.) in economics and management. For 10 years I have been working as a manager and project executive in an international IT company. I used to take care about millions in budget and hundreds of employees. In 2017 I decided to change my life and I found about The RUŠ Method. Since then and thanks to The RUŠ Method I live my life in a way that I do not need to take vacation.

My Next Steps?

As soon as at the first therapy I realised that there was something about it. During the first half an hour I started to cry without even knowing why. Then out of the blue I felt the relief. I did not know why at that time, but I knew it was the right way: To find the root cause within myself, resolve it and enjoy my life fully.

Why the RUŠ Method?

After the first course I knew RUŠ Method would become a part of my life and my mental hygiene. Thanks to the accepting basic principle of what I mind, and that it is my issue, my life has changed. Now I know that bad feelings are influencing the quality of my life, and that I can change it. My life is in my hands. I knew very quickly I would become The RUŠ Method Therapist. I did and I love it. It is a pleasure to work with clients and see the changes in them and their lives. I am very happy I can share this amazing, logical and very simple method with the others. I am grateful that people can resolve their problems of work, malfunctioning relationship, various fears, illnesses, etc. Looking forward to meeting you at our session!