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“I have never known that so many blocks from the past, mainly from the childhood, can have such an impact for the entire adult’s life. I went to Zdenka with a breathing problem, long-term pain in the chest and the migraine. Zdenka told me to close my eyes, asked the first question and suddenly I returned to the period of the childhood. I realized that the same bad feelings I have now started when I was a child and they joined my life until now. After having worked on these blocks that I had found inside myself, I felt lighter and calm. The pain in the chest reduced and then disappeared. I can breath more deeply. Also the frequency of the migraines reduced and now I do not remember when I had one. Before I tried conventional psychotherapy, I took medicines for asthma and migraines, but nothing helped so quickly and successfully as a few hours with Zdenka. Even if I still have some blocks, I know how to work with them and I always can count on Zdenka to help me face them. She is an amazing person and a therapist, who helps unblock people to be happy and calm. I really do recommend The RUS therapy for everyone who want to change their own life and feel free. You deserve a better life without any obstacles! Zdenka, thank you for everything!”- Dori

Even though I had read everything available about the RUŠ Method, I did not know what to expect. Then I had a session with Zdenka and wow! It was amazing! She helped me a lot and gave me a boost. She is a pro with a kind heart. She understands you and how you feel. It´s must to experience it. I definitely recommend it. In my opinion everybody should try the RUŠ method.“ – Jana

I am more calm now. Thanks to the therapy I am clear about my priorities. I lost my fear and I can reach my goal.“ – Vojta

I did not know much about what to expect of the RUS therapy. I knew only that all my friends who had had it, had been really excited. Finally, I decided and went for it too. I am very thankful for that now! The therapy will uncover parts of your life which you would never suspect. Everything we experienced in the childhood has its follow-ups (unless we fix it). The therapy is very intensive but definitely worth it. I would recommend it to everybody. I was leaving with such lightness in myself! Zdenka was very professional and practical, she lead me very well and her help was great. Once again thank you.“


I have found the Method RUS, when I have felt desperate and burnt out. I felt the daily tasks and activities are just too much for me. I did not have energy and strenght to continue to give more. I simply could not cope anymore.
I was thinking about a psychologist (although that would not be an immediate solution) to prescribe me some antidepressant, even if neither that was a solution. At that moment my friend recommended me to try the RUS method that helps quickly and effectively. I have been on the therapy twice and I am very satisfied. I chose the therapist according to “the feeling“ and I do not regret. It was a match and I believe she was a good guide. She knew how to be strict at a specific moment or unbelievably gentle, empathetic and nice when it was needed. After the therapy I was tired but all in all I felt normal. However, I did not feel much change. Anyway, something had to happen because I am different since then. I feel different. I feel calm, relaxed and much more in peace. I smile and feel joy. I enjoy moments which I would not have noticed before and I say to myself: “Oh, that´s nice“. It works on its own. Even my husband has noticed the change. Almost every day he says I am different. It seems it helped me. Somehow I feel like on my soul. If I should describe my previous feelings of exhaust and depression, I would be like if I talked about somebody else, not me anymore. I am glad I went for it. I do truly believe that it is pernament!! I will go for one more therapy as I am sure it will move me even further. Thank you….“ – Denisa

„Although I have heard about The RUS Method before, I doubted, if it worked for me because I thought I knew myself very well and there was not much to uncover or explore. One week ago I had the first session with Zdenka, during which we explored some blockers that hindered me to get rid of some of my fears ( I honestly was not aware that they existed) We cleaned them effectively and as a result during this week I felt much calmer and confident both at work and in my private life! Thank you, Zdenka, for helping me!“ – Orsi