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What can you expect?

I will firstly ask you about you, your family background and current issues you are facing. Then by specific question and logical steps I will lead you to identify the root causes of your current issues in your past (childhood). These identified “mental blocks” will be addressed in childhood and removed forever. By doing that you will remove these obstacles in your presence and future as well.

During the therapy you have your eyes closed to be able to concentrate on your emotions and memories well. However, you are all the time conscious and you know where you are and what is happening. In general all therapies consist of 3 steps

1st step: „Minding“ of the mental blocks out of client´s past

2nd step: Resolution of client´s mental blocks

3rd step: Check if the mental block is removed

How long does the therapy last?

The therapy can last from 2 to 4 hours. During one session the issue which client has named as the main problem is usually solved.  Some severe issues/problems require more than one therapy. However, after one therapy you should feel the relief and recognize a change in your everyday life. In the days following the therapy the client usually notices various changes. For example people around (including the loved ones) do not bother by specific things and behaviour anymore, the relationships are somehow better, they do not feel old fears and insecurities or inner blocks like “I should”, “I can´t”, etc.

How to prepare for the therapy?

There is no need to do any preparation. It is important to be honest and open. The topics, doubts, insecurities which you will not share can not be resolved and you need to live them onward. I recommend to plan the therapy as a day for yourself, so that you have enough time for you and your change of feelings.

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